Tables TeacherQuizzes

Ms. Rodie’s Tables Teacher Quizzes are based on basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division number facts.

They cater for children in the 5 – 12 age groups.

Her friendly, smiling face will encourage and inspire even the most reluctant learner to get involved in a Tables Teacher Quiz and quickly dismiss any paranoia towards learning tables and time tests.

Her coloured dress represents the format used in the quizzes – blue for Addition, red represents Subtraction, green denotes Multiplication and yellow indicates Division.

Each Quiz will have the appropriate coloured background.

Repeated, structured practice on the quizzes is the key to acquiring success with basic number facts.

What better way to do it than taking part in Ms. Rodie’s Tables Teacher quizzes which can eliminate dull copy book work and relieve boredom and monotony.

Six different presentations of each table in mixed order are available for each quiz.

The Missing Number challenges will prepare children for Algebra.

Teacher/Parent will know when to intervene, advise, guide, clarify ideas, stand aside or stimulate further exploration.

Ms. Rodie’s quizzes are a remarkable asset for teaching, learning and informal assessment purposes of basic number facts.

The three stages for each table give variety and extended work for diverse abilities.

Ms. Rodie’s gentle responses are effective to encourage children to memorise number facts.

Play Ms. Rodie’s Tables Teacher Quizzes!
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About the Quizzes

Tables Teacher is color coded – Blue for Addition, Red for Subtraction, Green for Multiplication and Yellow for Division.

Each Category has 3 stages from 1 to 10

Stage 1: Number and Number.

Stage 2: Missing number and Number.

Stage 3: Number and Number & Missing Number and Number.

Have a Go! Take the Challenge!

Playing The Quizzes

Parent / Teacher / Child may choose a category from the Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division Quizzes.

Select a Table Quiz from 1 to 10.
Next choose the Stage.
You will be presented with the first quiz Set A.

Be ready to start. The clock is ticking!

When all the answers are inserted in the set the score and time taken will appear at the top of the quiz.

Miss Rodie returns to see your results.
If all are correct she showers you with confetti!
Having only one mistake Miss Rodie notes it and allows you to see the answers table for practice.
Similarly for several mistakes, observe her face!!!

So, keep practicing and click the Try Again button!

Once you are sure of the answers in Set A you are ready for Set B.
If desired one has the opportunity to try the 6 Sets of the same table. Note your improvement in the time taken as you complete each quiz.

Otherwise go to the buttons at the bottom of the page where you may change your mind and choose a new category, table or stage.

Be ready to start the new adventure!