About me

I, Mary J. Buckley – alias Tables Teacher have created the Tables Teacher books of Worksheets, Activities, Games and Quizzes and am continuously updating and improving their content since the initiation of the programme in 2013.

I am Irish, creative, imaginative and a doer with strong interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

Along with my Irish primary degree, I have acquired an MA in Education from the University of the West of England, working through an Action Research approach.

I have worked with children in a one to one situation, in groups, as a team and shared teacher and as a class teacher along with being Assistant Principal in a large Cork City school.

My area of expertise, when actively teaching, was having an uncanny ability to know what was right for each pupil, hence the creation of Tables Teacher.

Teachers from other schools visited my department to see my teaching methods and apparatus.

Colleagues and teachers from other schools have endorsed Tables Teacher.

I feel I am ideally qualified to write these books because I have already applied their contents to the children in my care, bringing extraordinary recognized degrees of success to them.

I am retired from active teaching and spend a lot of my time working on, adding to and amending this program.

Personal Goals and Vision

I wish to achieve a personal dream of supplying Tables Teacher books at very attractive prices to a global market which is not yet aware of how little it needs for the establishment of initial mathematical success with ease of learning.

The children, by using the availability of multiple formats of simple math, will acquire the competence to think independently and in turn, become more capable adults with more alert minds, more self-confidence, have good social skills and will make an enormous contribution to the betterment of their own lives and their respective countries.

Topics in this program can provoke further discussion with the children. Teacher/parent will know when to intervene, advise, guide, clarify ideas, stand aside or stimulate further exploration.

I hope that you, the purchaser of Tables Teacher will enjoy and get as much pleasure, success and fun-filled hours with your pupils/children, as I did with mine, during a career of caring, sharing and learning together.