///Set of 4 Activities Books for Addition Tables
8, 9 and 10, including a revision book

Set of 4 Activities Books for Addition Tables
8, 9 and 10, including a revision book



  • These +8 to +10 Activity Books cater for children in the age group of 5-12 years and allow for class ability differentiation
  • The +8 to +10 Activity Books may be used at home or in school.
  • The symbol colour for the Addition Activities Books is blue.
  • The +8 to +10 Activities Books contain a folder of4 books with an average of 47 pages per book.
  • Each +8 to +10 Addition Activity book has its own coversheet with title and table being explored.
  • There is an Activity book for each table from +8 to +10.
  • An Activity Book revises all Addition tables from 8 to 10.
  • Within each +8 to +10 book are three Activities that support each concept of the Tables Teacher Worksheets from +8 to +10 but all the activities may be worked on independently.
  • These +8, +9 and +10 Activities have varying levels of ease/difficulty.
  • Revision of 8, 9 and 10 Addition Tables is available through varied, interesting and challenging Activities.
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These Tables Teacher Addition Activities will give children the confidence and competence to use number facts in a variety of presentations and help them think mathematically in everyday life.

The Table of Contents for +8 to +10 Tables Teacher Addition Activities aptly describes the structured approach within the layout with each Header describing simply the task to be undertaken and the Footer describing details of strands involved.

Children’s thinking skills are developed when using these Activities as recall of number facts is applied to other areas of Maths.

Topics in this Addition Activities programme can provoke further discussion with pupils. Teacher/Parent will know when to intervene, advise, guide, clarify ideas, stand aside or stimulate further exploration.