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Privacy Statement

The following statement relates to the privacy practices of Tables Teacher in connection with its web site.

I, Tables Teacher will take all reasonable steps to protect any communication over the Internet between you and myself but I cannot guarantee the security of such communication.

Tables Teacher fully respects your right to privacy and does not collect personal information of any kind, without your clear permission. Any personal information which you volunteer to me, Tables Teacher, will be treated with the highest standard of security and confidentiality and will only be kept for the length of time necessary for the secure download of a purchased product.

Those clients who purchase the premium access to the quizzes will need me to store safely their email addresses for the length of time that validates their purchase which should not exceed more than seven days.

PayPal is responsible for taking care of the transactions and purchases made regarding the premium access to the quizzes.

For the purposes of this document, personal information is defined as information that can identify an individual such as name, address, e-mail address. Tables Teacher does not collect any personal data about you on this website, apart from information which you volunteer e.g. by e-mailing me via the website. Any personal information that you provide to me in this way is not made available to any third parties and will be used only for the purpose for which you have provided it. This personal information is used only to respond to your request or otherwise to resolve the subject matter of your contact with us.

No personal information is revealed to me, although certain statistical information is available to me, acquired by the use of some add-ons on the website.

Your IP address won’t be registered unless you try to login unsuccessfully. In that case, Tables Teacher may record it.

No information is collected that could be used to identify individual website visitors, except if any kind of attack or right violation attempt is detected. For example, I may count the number of visitors to the different pages of my website to help make them more useful to visitors. This information does not identify you personally.


The resources on the site remain the copyright of Tables Teacher who is Mary J. Buckley. I would kindly ask that all visitors to the site would respect this copyright. You can print out the purchased books, photocopy them and make them available to your pupils for use in the classroom and for homework. However, you are asked to leave the Tables Teacher or the copyright notice intact at the bottom of each page.

Also, a Fair Usage Policy may apply. For example, you are not authorised to resell copies of the books or to give access to anyone who hasn’t bought them. If copyright violation is detected, you may be asked to prove that you bought that content.

The resources on the site may not be reproduced for others in any form. They may not be reproduced or included on any other website or in any other printed or electronic form without the express permission of Tables Teacher. Site visitors are strongly urged to respect this copyright.

Tables Teacher does not refund money if a user decides for any reason whatsoever, not to use a document or book once it has been purchased. Although the Tables Teacher Worksheets, Activities and Games books have been subject to careful review, elements may include inaccuracies or typographical errors.

If you have any doubts before or after purchasing or if you have detected any kind of abuse, feel free to e-mail me at This e-mail should also be used if you want your information to be deleted or corrected. All the requests received will be answered within 7 days.

Your co-operation in respecting these terms is much appreciated.

Mary J. Buckley (Tables Teacher)